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Hotel in Prague

Hotel in Prague

Part of planning a trip to Prague is being sure that you have made the proper accommodations prior to your arrival. If you give yourself enough time, you should be able to find a hotel in Prague that more than suits your budget.

Hostels in Prague

Hostels in Prague

Hostels are establishments that provide long term accommodations and some even offer meals to groups, students and travelers.

Flats in Prague

Flats in Prague

A flat is also known as an apartment. Travelers can lease or rent these spaces for the duration of their stay.

Prague is a beautiful city to visit. People from around the world travel here to take in the historical sights, learn about its rich culture and the shopping in Prague is a bonus. Of course, a trip to the capital city of the Czech Republic is not a short one, so accommodations must be made prior to arrival. There are many options for people to choose from.


Of course, hotels are always an option. Yet, there are things that should be kept in mind when booking hotel rooms in Prague. The majority of hotels will charge by the room and not by the person. Also, most hotels don’t differentiate between a double sized bed and a twin sized bed. When it comes to linen, only the high end hotels will provide you with clean linen on a daily basis; unless you ask for it.

Price wise, hotels that are located closer to the center of the city are not as cheap as those that are further out. If you are booking online and find a great deal on a highly rated hotel, be sure to check the hotels website to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. Prague is full of hotels that date back to the period of Communism but have been brought up to date. The price range for hotels can be pretty moderate.


Hostels are also an option for accommodations in Prague. A hostel is an establishment that provides cheap lodging and meals for different group of people; such as students and travelers. A cheap and comfortable option when staying in Prague is to stay in one of the many hostels that are located throughout the city. Of course, the closer to the city’s center; the higher the rates will be. Yet, hostels are still a cheaper option with meals being included in the cost.

Flats and Apartments

An ultra-cheap choice of accommodations would be to rent a flat. Sharing a flat or apartment with a large group of people may be the best way to go if one is planning an extended stay in Prague. Extended stay refers to a time period of 4 weeks or more. Renting a flat or apartment would be the wisest choice economically speaking.

Flats offer all of the comforts of a home at a reasonable rate. Even the cost of meals is lowered with the presence of a full kitchen. Splitting the cost of the accommodation with other people will save money. A family who is traveling to Prague may find this option more suitable.

As you can see, there are many accommodation options to take into consideration when planning a trip to Prague. There are also cheap ones that still offer a considerable level of comfort. Booking early will possibly lead to additional discounts and great deals. Attention should also be paid to the season in Prague at the time of travel as well. Holidays and celebrations may result in prices being raised.