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Currency and prices are important when visiting Prague. The costs of some things are rather reasonable, while others may be a bit more expensive. It’s important that one is aware of the currency exchange and what their money is really worth while they’re in the city. Being unaware can be disastrous.

Items such as brand name clothing and groceries, and electronics are relatively more expensive in the Czech Republic. Whereas, restaurants, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are a bit lower in cost. So, it is recommended that you leave some things off of your shopping list in Prague; like a new Iphone. On the other hand, you can smoke and drink as much as you like without breaking your pockets.

Here is a chart that can be used to help understand the currency exchange in Prague. Only the exchange rates for some countries are present. Use the internet to find out the exchange rate for your countries currency.


1 American Dollar

18.09 Czk


1 British Pound

29 Czk


100 Indian Rupee

36.89 Czk


1 New Zealand Dollar

14.38 Czk


1 Polish Zloty

5.74 Czk


1 European Euro

24.92 Czk


1 Canadian Dollar

17.97 Czk


1 Australian Dollar

18.85 Czk

Using this chart, the price of average things can be estimated. For example, the rate for most accommodations is as follows:

Accommodation Prices

Room in city center – 7000 Czk / month

Room outside of city center – 5500 Czk / month

Hostel – 300 to 600 Czk / month

Using these examples, it’s clear that staying outside of the city’s center would be the more economical choice for people traveling from other countries whose currency exchange rate is rather low. This should be the same thought when it comes to shopping in the mall and supermarkets.

Yet, when it comes to some other things; money shouldn’t be an issue. For example, eating out is relatively cheap in Prague. And the currency from other countries may go a long way.

Restaurant Prices

A meal in a mid-quality eatery – 600 Czk

A pub style lunch – 150 Czk

A Soft drink – 35 Czk

0.5 liter of local beer – 30 to 80 Czk

Based on these prices, it’s obvious that eating out on a regular basis shouldn’t a financial strain. Of course, prices will vary from location to location but this is a good general idea of the average price of meals in Prague. Feeding a family in a restaurant should be easy to do, even on a budget. With prices like this, experiencing the cuisine of the Czech Republic will be enjoyable.

As you can see, knowing the value of your country’s currency is very important when going to Prague. If you plan in advance and budget carefully, you can make the most of your vacation money without breaking the bank. Try to avoid frivolous spending and purchasing items that can be purchased at lower rates someplace else. Avoid buying name brand items, as they are more expensive in the Czech Republic. If you pay attention to your money, you can enjoy all that Prague has to offer with no stress about finances.