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No matter where you live, you have to have an income to survive. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, having a job is a must. For individuals who relocate to Prague, finding work may feel like a process. Yet, there is adequate employment in Prague. Depending on what you want to do and what skills you have to offer; the search shouldn’t take very long.

To start, foreigners who are seeking to work in the Prague may require you to paperwork; unless they have status as a Citizen of the European Union (EU citizenship). EU citizens are not required to have a work permit to work in Prague. There are nationalities that can get a green card, which is paired with a work permit, which will allow them to work in the Czech Republic without having EU citizen status. Holders of green cards can only apply for positions that have been passed up on by natives and EU citizens, after it has been advertised for up to 30 days. Individuals must contact the Czech embassy or consulate to obtain a green card, which can be valid for 1, 2 or 3 years.

There are many places to go to find jobs in Prague. Like in other countries, the best way to search for work is online. By registering and becoming members of multiple online career sites, you will have access to thousands of employees at one time. It may also be beneficial to register with multiple employment agencies to find work on an intermittent basis until full time work is found. Here is a short list of websites agencies that are ideal for job searches:

The average monthly salary around the country, before taxes are withdrawn, is estimated at 23,000CZK. In Prague, it’s estimated at 30,000CZK. On an annual basis there is a 5 to 8% increase on wages. On an hourly basis, the average national minimum wage is estimated to be 48CZK/hr. Yet, skilled professionals can find themselves making twice that amount.

Native English speakers, who are capable of teaching the language to others, may find it easier to find work. Due to the new residency law that has been put into effect, the need to learn the language has increased. Yet, the Czech Republic finds it hard to locate teachers who meet their needs.

To become a teacher, an individual must have some of teaching degree and a TEFL certification or experience. There are teaching positions available in high school, universities and private learning facilities. The wages for teachers vary depending on the type of establishment they are employed in but generally range between 150 CZK to 400CZK.

Some of the favorite jobs in Prague are those in hotels, bars, night clubs and restaurants that are popular tourist attractions.  These particular positions allow for the employee to make tips, along with their hourly pay. People in Prague are also fond of taking positions with foreign owned companies. However, the most common jobs for people who have come from other countries are indeed teaching jobs.


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