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Top Prague dance clubs

Top Prague dance clubs

The image of a tired Central European town with beautiful old buildings and quaint cobblestone streets is perhaps one that used to be shown on brochures to highlight the history and culture of Prague.

Top Prague bars

Top Prague bars

Since the fall of Communism, Prague has embraced the joys of the freedom that has washed into the city.

No city is complete without a night life of its own. That goes for Prague, too. What is there to do when all of the shopping is over, the museums are closed and the local shops have locked their doors? Well, this is when the street lights come on and the bars and clubs unlock theirs.

Depending on what you like to do, there is really something for everyone who is old enough to have a good time, after hours. There is a wide variety of night clubs, bars, pubs and other venues that serve to entertain. Whether it’s a club made to party the night away or a quaint café, you’ll find it in Prague!

Dance Clubs

The night life in Prague is full of music and dance. With so many discos to choose from, you’re sure to find one that makes your feet move. There are clubs that cater to locals and international visitors alike. The one thing there isn’t is a shortage of places to shake your bum!

  • Karlovy Lazne: Largest disco in Central Europe, multi-leveled, plays various genres of music; Discotheque, Paradogs, Kaleidoskop, etc., located right off of Charles Bridge and can be reached on the Metro A line to the “Staromestska” station.
  • Roxy: Among the most famous night clubs in Prague since the early 1990’s, home to local and international DJ’s, plays various genres of music, live bands and concerts, located on the Metro B line at the “Namesti Republiky” station.


Not everyone needs or wants to shake any of their body parts. Some are satisfied with having good music floating on the air and the drink of their choice. Bars are also in abundance in Prague. There is something that caters to everyone.

  • Klub Lavka: Tequila bar, opened 24 hours, plays music that dates as far back as the 1960’s, located on the Metro a line at the “Staromestska” station.
  • Malostranska Beseda: Plays old-time music; rock, jazz, blues, folk and country, located on the Metro A line at the “Malostranska” station or can be reached by trams: 12, 20, 22 or 23 at the “Malostranske namesti” stop.

Alternative Options

There is even something for those who are looking for a different type o entertainment. Alternative options aren’t lacking.

  • Duplex: One of the hot spots, mixes a popular club with a casino and restaurant for the ultimate entertainment experience, located on the Metro lines A and B at the “Mustek” station.
  • Jazzboat: a cruise that travels through Prague’s historical center with jazz musicians and guests. Leaves from pier #5 and can be reached on the Metro A line to the “Staromestska” station or on the #17 tram to “Pravnicka fakulta”.

These are just a few of the locations that serve to provide entertainment to locals and travelers alike. With a little research, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. With music, drinks, cafes and galleries to explore during the night hours…there’s no reason to be bored. So get out and take a walk. Fun is just around the corner!