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Czech cuisine

Czech cuisine

There are many adjectives that could be used when discussing traditional Czech food; hearty, flavorsome, warming, heavy, filling and stodgy.

One of the best things about traveling to other countries is getting to experience the food. When traveling to Prague, you should be prepared to eat. With dishes heavy with meat and sauces, anyone who is dieting is sure to cheat. Not to mention, there’s an eatery for every budget.

As with any couture, there are traditional meals in the Czech Republic. One of the favorites is a dish that consists of pork, cabbage and dumplings; which is usually served with a pint of beer. Meat plays a big part in the Czech diet, so vegetarians may find it a bit difficult to find a decent meal in Prague. Most dishes are made with pork or beef. There are a few that consist of fish and game meats.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants to choose from in Prague. Depending on your spending budget, you can have anything from fast food to fine cuisine. Restaurants, cafes and bakeries are in abundance. Finding the type of food you want, within your price range, should be easy.

Here are a few places that can be checked out or different types of meals:


This universal dish is great for everyone, especially when children are involved. It’s an easy choice when there’s difficulty trying to figure out where to go for dinner or what the picky children are going to eat while the adults enjoy their meals.

  • Pizza Coloseum: This popular pizza restaurant is located in New Town. It’s open from Monday – Saturday from 11:30a.m to 11:30p.m and on Sundays from noon. The price range when eating here is somewhere between 100 and 399 CZK.
  • Pizzeria Kmotra: Another pizza restaurant in New Town, this one is open on a daily basis from 11a.m to midnight. Eating here will cost anywhere between 100 and 250CZK.

Traditional Food

Traditional food is probably more for the adults. There are many restaurants that serve traditional Czech cuisine at great prices.

  • U Sadlu: Located in New Town, this restaurant is decorated in middle age décor. The quality of food is excellent, served in big portions and reasonably priced. Its open daily from 11a.m to 1a.m. Meals here usually range between 150 and 300CZK.
  • U Zlateho Precliku:  Serving wonderful, traditional Czech food, this restaurant is located in Lesser Town. One of the city’s secrets, it isn’t well known. It’s open daily from 11a.m to 11p.m. The cost to eat here usually runs between 100 and 250CZK.

Vegetarian Cuisine

With meat being such a huge part of the Czech diet, it may be hard for vegetarians to find decent meals. There’s a great place for vegetarians to eat as well.

  • Radost FX Café: Open from 11:30a.m to 4a.m, daily. This restaurant is frequented by what some may call a more hip crowd. Open late, they serve weekend brunch and Sunday night is Italian night. The cost of eating here ranges between 100 and 300 CZK.

These are just a few restaurants that are high on the list when looking for decent food at great prices.  Whether it’s fast food or traditional cuisine, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Remember that part of the joy of traveling is experiencing the cuisine. So, eat up and enjoy!!