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Petřín Tower

Stop and think for just a moment, what is the first thing you thought of when you heard you were going to Prague? What is the realization that you were getting to see the world? Or maybe, it was all the great fine cuisines you would taste? What about the history and beauty of Prague? Where are you to find that? Simply climb to the top of Prague Petrin lookout tower and bask in the history and silent story telling of the tower.

Situated on Petrin Hill, in the heart of Prague, the Petrin Lookout Tower is most certainly a wonderful sight to see.

In 1889, members of the Czech Tourists club, visited a world exhibition in Paris, where they became greatly inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Soon after, they began to collect money and in March 1891 the tower began to be constructed. It was built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891, as were many buildings and it was finished in just four months.

In 1953, a TV broadcasting antenna was installed onto the tower. This became Prague's main TV signal provider until the Žižkov Television Tower was opened in the late part of 1992. In the year 1999, the tower was entirely renovated to how it is today.

The tower was originally used as an observation tower and it also became a transmission tower. The Petrin Lookout Tower is now a major tourist attraction. There are 299 stairs altogether, which run in groups of 13. The tower is 60 metres high and it greatly resembles the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Petrin Lookout Tower is seen by many as a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower, although its altitude is higher, being placed on Petrin hill. Unlike the Eiffel Tower, Petrin Tower has an octagonal rather than a square cross section over it. Also, the tower does not stand on four lattice steel columns, like the Eiffel Tower does. The similarity between the two towers is that the design of the low cross beams are in the form of round bows on both.

Not knowing the area can seem overwhelming, and may add to the challenge. But this is a once in a lifetime experience. There are not too many who get to bask in the glory of natural beauty, which is what one will receive once atop the Lookout tower. Nearby the tower are gardens and a number of small churches and there is also a mirror maze. To access the tower, there is a railway which runs every 15 minutes from near Ujezd, which is just across the river from the National Theatre. Another great piece of history.

You can see a spectacular view of the city whilst on the tower and on the lookout right at the top, 51 metres high. On a clear day it is sometimes possible to see vast land further from Prague. For example, you can see mountains in the Central and the Northern Bohemia.


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