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The ideal way to travel between Edinburgh and Prague is via plane. With nearly 835 miles between the two cities, it’s also the fastest way to make the trip. There are usually two flights that leave from Edinburgh (EDI) on route to Prague (PRG) every day. The flight itself takes approximately 3.5 hours.

Pricing for air travel varies from airline to airline. Conducting a web search will aid in finding discounts and deals that can be applied to the purchase of ticket. Many airlines offer discounts for students, children and seniors. Purchasing tickets in advance can also help lower the price of travel. Tickets can be purchased for as low as 43EUR. Last minute travel is a lot more expensive.

Below are some links that can be used to find great deals and discounts on tickets for air travel between Edinburgh and Prague. Using sites such as these may even be beneficial in booking a package deal that includes airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rental. Some all-inclusive flights can cost as little as 88EUR.

Any other means of transportation between Edinburgh and Prague will take days. Although they may cost less, they will also be less comfortable. Flying will get you to Prague in record time and give you more time to spend taking in the wonderful sights. So, book your flight ahead of time and make the most of your trip!


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