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Krakow, in Poland, is located less than 350 miles away from Prague. With the two cities being relatively close, any mode of transportation will do; depending on how much of a rush you’re in and how comfortable you feel like you need to be. Of course, some traveling options are cheaper than others.  The ideal form of travel for this trip would be the train.

Train from Krakow to Prague

There is one train that travels along a direct route between Krakow and Prague, which travels overnight. Here is the schedule for the main train:

Departs from Prague Main Rail Station Arrives at Krakow Glowny
R443 Sirava / 403 2.       21:17 R443 Sirava / 403 2.          06:56

There is an alternate connection that can be used. The EC111 can be boarded at Praha hl.n at 10:11. This train arrives at Katowice at 15:50. A transfer is made there to train IR 63126 that departs at 16:15 and will arrive in Krakow at 17:55. The estimated time of this trip is hours and 44 minutes.

It’s easier to purchase tickets for this trip at the train station. Stations, aside from local ones, are open from 4am to midnight. A one-way 2nd class ticket will cost 41 EUR. A one –way 2st class ticket costs 61 EUR. There is a fee of approximately 4EUR to make a seat reservation.


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