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Traveling from other some cities to Prague is relatively easy. Although it may be more economically sound to travel on the ground from some cities, the quickest ways to get from London to Prague is via flight. London and Prague are approximately 643 miles. Taking a plane will cut travel time down to 2 hours.

There are multiple airlines that provide service between the two cities; British Airways, Easy Jet and German Wings are just a few. Depending on location, day of travel and seating class, prices for airline tickets may vary. Of course, there is a considerable difference in the price for a one way ticket and a round trip ticket. Yet, there are ways to get better prices.

No matter which airline company you are using, buying your ticket well in advance of the day of travel can save you nearly 50% of a ticket purchased the day before. Look for student, child and senior discounts that can be used to discount your ticket price. Fly coach or economy class ass opposed to first class; this will also affect the price of your ticket. Avoid carrying excess luggage to decrease the amount of fees that are tacked on to your price. If at all possible, purchase your ticket in person to avoid credit card and third party charging fees.

Traveling from London to Prague is easy and fast via air. Use these tips to receive great discounts and deals on your flights. Just think the money and time you save will be more money and tine you have to spend in Prague! It’s well worth it!


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