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Paris to Prague by Train

The trip from Paris to Prague by railway takes about 15 ½ hours and there are several daily trains. There are no trains that travel a direct route between the two cities. Five transfers are made along the way are made in Berlin, Bruxelles, Munchen, Strasbourg and Karlsruhe. Trains depart from “Paris, gare-rout. Gallieni” and arrive in Prague at “Prague, Florenc UAN.”

Prices for travel by train vary depending on the station you are leaving from and the route is being taken. The day of the week that passengers travel may also affect the ticket price.

Paris to Prague by Bus

There is bus service between Paris and Prague as well. The bus trip is approximately 14 hours. However, the bus only runs on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Bus service departs from “Rue du Faubourg st. Martin” at 15:00 and arrives at “UAN Florenc” at 05:00.

The ticket prices for bus service are as follows:

  • One-way - 69 EUR
  • Roundtrip – 112 EUR

There are discounts that can be applied to ticket prices:

  • Children - 50%
  • Students – 15%
  • Youths up to the age of 26 - 10%
  • Age 60+ - 10%

A ticket that’s cancelled up to 24 hours before departure time is charged 25%. Any later cancellations are not eligible for refund. The re-booking fee is 8 EUR


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