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Are you trying to travel from Vienna to Prague? Well, as with any place in the world, there are multiple ways to travel between the two cities. How you choose to travel will depend on how much money you’re willing to spend and how comfortable you want to be. Another factor is how long you actually want to spend traveling. Vienna and Prague are nearly 156 miles apart.

One option of travel is to take the train. There are 7 trains that make the trip from Vienna to Prague. Trains are boarded in Vienna at the “Station Erdberg” on route to Prague, Florenc UAN. The train ride, depending on how many stops it makes in between the two cities can be anywhere between 4-5 hours.

The train schedule and prices for the trip from Vienna to Prague, are as follows:

Train Departure Arrival
*EC 378 Carl Maria Von Weber 05:50 10:21
OEC 78 Gustav Klimt 08:25 13:21
EC 172 Vindobona 09:32 14:21
EC 70 Gustav Mahler 12:33 17:21
**EC 72 SC Smetana 14:33 19:21
EC 74 Franz Schubert 16:33 21:21
EC 76 Antonin Dvorak 18:33 23:21
***D406 Chopin/4762. 22:08 04:00

*This train travels from Wien Praterstern

**Travels from Pendolino

***This train travels from Vienna Westbahnof and passes through Meidling.

The cost of tickets purchased at the train station 42 Euro for a one way, 2nd class ticket. The cost of a 1st class ticket is 67 Euro.


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