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There are many sound reasons to use public transport when travelling in Prague, but the overwhelming need for flexibility and privacy often demands that one has their own set of wheels. Driving in Prague can be hazardous and congested, as can driving in any major city, but when one wants to act on an impulse, to wander on a whim or flow with a flight of fancy, you must have your own car.

Rentals in Prague are reasonably priced, although it is important to deal with a reputable company. Prague Car Rentals has established a sound client-base and is most easily contacted through the internet site, A Smart Car, that accommodates two people and a little luggage can be as affordable as CZK 683.63 (US$36.42) per day and is ideal for moving around a busy and vibrant city. For something a little larger, one could consider a five-seater sedan or station wagon for between CZK 1500 and CZK 1600 (US$80 to US$ 85) a day.

Another notable source of well-maintained vehicles is Rent Car Prague, contactable at Pobřežní 1186 00, Prague 8, or via telephone at 241 410 425.  With a range of cars from small city Festas and Fabia’s through to medium-size Passat and Skoda Superbs and even larger people-movers, Rent Car Prague has a vehicle for every driver. Prices run from CZK 531 (US$28) for the small cars and CZK 930 (US$50.25) for the larger, five-seater.

Once in the driver’s seat there are some aspects of Czech road rules worth highlighting. The first is to have your lights on. It is mandatory that any vehicle travelling on a road in the Czech Republic must have their headlights on at all times. There are strict rules regarding the wearing of seatbelts and the use of child restraints when driving of which you should gain an understanding and it is important to know that drivers in the Czech Republic must have a blood alcohol level of zero.

Although it will probably be evident from the position of the steering wheel, vehicles in the Czech Republic must travel on the right hand side of the road. Should you be bringing their own vehicle into the country, you will already be used to driving on the right hand side of the road as most European nations, particularly those bordering the Czech Republic, follow the same convention.

Parking in the city has a number of challenging factors. The first would be finding a parking space, which is made a little more interesting by the zoning of Prague parking into orange zone – two hour parking, green zone – six hour parking and blue zone for residents and office workers. The cost of parking in the street is 20- 40 CZK (US$1- 2) per hour, but there is significant concern regarding the security of parking there as Prague has a relatively high rate of car burglaries. Many drivers find the added security of a parking garage, as well as the greater ease of finding a parking space, worthwhile at garages such as, Divadelní Street (National Theater), Králodvorská Street (Kotva department store) and Opletalova Street (near Wenceslas Square).

The freedom of following your nose and exploring Prague at your leisure is enticing and there are many benefits to having your own vehicle. There are few regulations that would be considered unreasonable by any responsible standards and, although it does bring with it the challenges of navigating some congested roads, there is much to be gained from experiencing life in your lane in Prague.


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