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Located outside of Prague, in the Central Bohemian Region, is the beautiful city of Kutna Hora. The city came into existence in the early middle ages, around 1142. Kutna Hora’s history is steeped in the mining of sliver in its Kuutenberg mountain region.  Over time, it has become second only to Prague in cultural, political and economic aspects.

For anyone who would like to take a trip out of Prague for a day, this culturally rich city has a lot to offer. Aside from its historical sights, the restaurants and bars are also worth a day trip. If a trip to the city is on the agenda, one should try to at least get an idea of some of the sights that they want to take in. If not, there is a great chance that something will be missed.

The Bone Church and Crazy Monks: Referred to as the “bone church” after the old bones was relocated into the chapel crypt to make room for new burials. The subject of an urban myth that says a monk lost his mind and carved the sculptures that adorn the church from the graveyard bones. The correct name for the church is the “Chapel of All Saints”.

Hradek: This small castle is the main building of the Czech Museum of Silver. The castle was intended to be a guard tower when it was built in 1300. There are two different tours that are given at the location. One is of the building itself and the other tours the mines.

Kutna Hora: Although there are many attractions to visit on a day trip, the city itself is full of wonder. The streets and squares are worth strolling all on their own. There are houses with significant historical value, structures that are main attractions and view that will inspire awe.

There are many other sights and attractions to see on

a day trip the Kutna Hora. Especially since getting there from Prague is easy no matter what the mode of transportation is. Here are a few ways to travel:

By car: The drive between the two cities is just under an hour. Vinohradska Street will take you east from Wencelsas Square, in Prague. This one road can be taken directly to Kutna Hora from behind the National Museum. Be aware that the road turns into Highway 333 once it takes you out of the city.

Public Transportation: A bus departs from Florenc Bus Station that costs about 70Kc. The ride will take close to 1.5 hours. There are trains that leave from Hlavni nadriazi to the city as well. The train ride costs 97Kc and will take about an hour.

There in an information center that will be able to aid you on your trip. They can also let you know about any exclusive happenings on during your visit. The office is open every day from 9am to 6pm from April to September. Here are the business hours from October to March: Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm and Sat – Sun, 10am to 4pm.


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