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The city of Olomouc is located in the Hana region of the Czech Republic. The city’s history dates back over 1000 years. It is also home to the second University to ever be built in the nation, dating back to 1573. Just behind Prague, it holds the second most important collection of historical artifacts of the nation.

One of the town’s popular attractions of Olomuoc is the Town Hall. Completed in 1444 and located in the center of the city, only the tower of the hall is open for public viewing. The building was given Gothic make-over just three years after the original building was completed. In the mid 1500’s the building received another renovation that added Renaissance touches to the façade.

The most popular attraction of the city is the Astronomical Clock. Located in the center of town, in Town Hall, only the exterior of the clock is available for public viewing. The clock has been renovated many times since it’s unveiling in 1519. Its present day appearance is the work of a renovation done between 1947 and 1955.

About a 15 minute walk from Town Hall, is St. Wenceslas Cathedral. The original building was constructed in 1131. Since then it has been remodeled and its present day face is dated back to somewhere between 1883 and 1892. A chapel named after St. Anna is right next to the cathedral and attached to the chapel is the house in which King Wenceslas IV was murdered in 1306. This location is where Mozart gave birth to his 6th Symphony. It is open to the public.

Premyslid Palace is a museum that is also open to the public. A monument to the nation it borders the cathedral. Very little of the original building, dated back to 1204, is left. The only remnants are the lower part of the chapel of St. Barbara and part of a wall of the bishop’s chapter house that King Wenceslas IV was murdered in.

Approximately 162 miles from Prague, traveling to Olomouc is relatively easy:

By car: Located east of Prague, there are two road options when driving to Olomuoc. One is the D1 freeway down to Brno and then up to Olomuoc. This route is not direct and susceptible to traffic jams. The second option is to take E442 from Hradec Kralove. This route is more scenic and offers many other sights along the way.

By Train: The fastest train rides between the two cities takes about 2.25 hours the slower trains add anywhere between half an hour to an hour to the trip. Of course, the slower trains cost less. Prices vary depending on the train that is being taken. It only takes two people to qualify for a group discount on tickets for this trip.

By Bus: he bus may be the cheapest way to go but it is also the longest. Traveling along the freeway on the same route as a car, the bus ride can take nearly four hours to travel from Prague to Olomuoc.


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